Over the weekend, I got a chance to get back in touch with my roots. I spent some time with my parents in Poulsbo, during which I decided to take a little stroll around their farm. It was a gorgeous day (that’s right, Washington’s August has everywhere else beat), and the photo taking bug got a hold of me, so I grabbed my Mark II and went outside. Lo and behold, I had forgotten to put a card in. Don’t worry, it has never happened on a shoot. Still desperate to take some photos, I tracked down my old Nikon D50 and took it for a spin. Good ol’ Nikon is how I got my start as a photographer…the D50 being my very first SLR. As much as I’m in love with Canon now (thank you, Hallmark), the D50 really was a blast to shoot with.

So here we are. Enjoy!

Oh, and can you say holy garden, batman!?

Coming soon: more wedding photos, and some awesome frames from the Deford family shoot. Let me tell you, chasing a 2 and a half year old around a Seattle park with your ISO and shutter speed jacked up for 4 hours is a barrel of laughs. Get ready for the craziness!

miranda + dan :: married

A few weekends ago, I had the privilege of second shooting for Alex Rubin over at Rubin Photography.
Miranda and Dan got married at the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, overlooking the sound. One word: gorgeous.

This couple had been together over 11 years before their wedding; the emotional investment and incredible amount of love that went into their day was apparent in every detail.

One of my favourite parts of photographing weddings? The kids.

honey[6]: massachusetts

Last stop on the honeymoon: Rhode Island. Technically, we stayed in Seekonk, Massachusetts, which is about half a mile over the RI/MA border. My mom tells me that she took my sister and I to the mall in Seekonk all the time, but try as I might, I couldn’t remember much.

Our last day trip was all the way out to Cape Cod… and yes, I mean all the way. It was positively pouring the entire day (with a little thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure), so much so that on the ride there, we could barely see out of the front windshield. There may have been talk about whether it was a smart idea to drive down one of the narrowest strips of land in the US when we were running a flood risk. We did it anyway.

Just a bit of humanity for you.

Since we were flat broke by the end of the trip, this was what we came up with for a romantic dinner. Quite nice, if you ask me.

Now, back to business. We’ve been getting quite a bit of work lately, which we’re obviously loving. Awesome wedding photos from a couple weekends ago in my next post. Also, new (nicer) blog coming soon, along with a special something from a few of us Hallmark 2010 graduates.

Stay tuned for all the excitement!

mamma to be

First off, let’s just say… the girl looks amazing pregnant. I was blown away by the fact that, even though she is eight+ months along, she managed to look gorgeous, and continue smiling, laughing and enjoying herself during our shoot. To be honest, I don’t know how many uber-pregnant ladies love being told to stand, sit, stand, sit, lie on your back, roll over, lean back, close your eyes, sit cross-legged, stand, sit… now LOOK HAPPY!

This is Bethany, and we have been friends since we were 14. We met at a birthday party, bonded over a rousing game of BS (cards), and proceeded to stay up insanely late that night talking and giggling, like any good 14 year old girls. We’ve always prided ourselves on being ridiculously creative together… or maybe just ridiculous and somewhat creative. Our shining moments included rewriting the lyrics to “O Holy Night” (“O Holy Cow”), starting a band of pirates, and writing, directing and filming painfully hilarious (or just painful and barely hilarious) movies.

It has been wonderful watching Bethany grow from an awkward teenager (still, she managed to be less awkward than the rest of us) into an incredible woman and soon to be mamma. I had the honor of photographing her wedding four years ago, just when I was getting into portrait photography. Beth and Chris took such a chance on me, someone who had never photographed a wedding before, and I couldn’t be more thankful that they did. The photos were pretty technically terrible, but they loved them, so here’s to forgiveness.

I was honored once more when Beth and Chris asked me to shoot maternity photos for them. I jumped at the chance, and loved every second of our time together.

Can’t wait to meet and photograph baby Hudson!